Oleg Markov

Oleg Markov_CoquetteJBOleg Markov was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1990. His first contact with Music was at the age of six. His Parents sent him to a Music School to study Accordion. Very soon Oleg realized that he had a strong Passion for Drums. When Oleg was 12 years old he started playing in a Jazz Band at a international jazz festivals, concerts, workshops and jazz clubs. Before entering the Institute of Music and starting his Studies there, Oleg had oppertunities to play with the great musicians, and professional Bands such as: Skhide Side, Kiev Big Band together with the AiR and others. 

   At the Institute of Music Gliera he learned a lot about classical music, composers, painting, classical theory, but less focus on jazz. That’s why after he graduated his Studies in Kiev he decided to move to Graz, Austria, one of the best Jazz Universities in Europe. He recieved his Bachelors Degree and is now working on his Masters Degree. Here he’s focused on Jazz Composition, Arrangment, Jazz Theory and Improvisation with Prof. Ed Partyka, Michael Abene and Renato Chicco. He’s studied Jazz Piano (Prof. Guenter Brueck and Michel Kahr), and Jazz Drums with the great teacher and musician Prof. Howard Curtis. Oleg also had a chance to learn about different styles in Jazz Music by playing in a variety ensembles such as: Stjepko (Steve) Gut, playing music of Clark Terry, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker and others. He has performed with Renato Chiccos Masters Ensemble, Guenter Bruecks Latin Ensamble, Robert Bargad, Stage Band with Sigi Feigl (Count Basie, Duke Ellington ect.) and KUG Big Band with Ed Neumeister, Michael Abene and Ed Partyka (featuring works of Ellington, Strayhorn, Neumeister, Abene, and other modern music). He has also gained experience learning about recording while being apart of the Sound Recording Studio. 

Oleg’s hopes to continue to expand his knowledge and someday record an album of his original compositions.