Hrvoje Kralj

Hrovje Kralj_CoquetteJBHrvoje Kralj was born in a Croatian city, Karlovac, he developed passion for music at a very young age, playing his dads guitars since ever and starting to learn the violin at the age of eight and finishing elementary and high school. Only later during high school education, he became familiar with electric bass and started to play in four different bands in his hometown playing and exploring everything from funk, fusion, jazz, pop-rock and metal to big band playing. After finishing high school, Hrvoje starts the studies of electric engineering which he drops fast and at the age of 19 picks up the double bass and starts to learn.

In the process of learning Hrvoje has had a pleasure to work with some of the best musicians and educators in the world of jazz music through workshops, private lessons and collaborations getting fundamentals from people like Andy McKee, with who he started exploring jazz and ways of playing double bass, Sven Buić, a Croatian bass guru and absolute bow and sound master who opened totally different views on music and the instrument and all other bass players and musicians he had lessons with like Joe Sanders, Chris Jennings, Mario Rossi, Zvonimir Šestak, Robert Jukić, Goran Rukavina, Ewald Oberleitner, Trevor Tompkins, Renato Chicco, Luis Bonilla and many others…

Through education Hrvoje was chosen on a jazz workshop in Grožnjan to play a concert on JazzIsBack festival with famous Brazilian singer Maucha Adnet featuring John Riley on drums, Bruce Barth – piano, Luis Bonilla – trombone, Jim Rotondi – trumpet and Elvis Stanić – guitar and also with the Karlheinz Miklin Double Trio featuring Ewald Oberleitner, Karlheinz Miklin jr. and Howard Curtis.

Hrvoje is active on the European jazz scene playing with various projects and people and is currently studying jazz double bass at Univearsitet fur musik und darstallende kunst Graz in the class of a great Danish super bass player Morten Ramsboel and he is preparing to get his bachelor degree.

He has recorded a couple of albums as a sideman and is touring with bands he regularly plays in like Bruna Matić Quartet, Nexus Lineup, The Coquette Jazz Band, Neuwelle Kreis, Patricija Škof Quartet, and has collaborated and played concerts and tours with Elinor Quintet (Claudia Doeffinger, Arican tour), Jazz Capital Festival Keckemet All Star band (Frank Robrscheuten, Rossano Sportiello, Ken Aoki, Martin Breinschmid, Istvan Gyarfas), Lajos Toth trio (won 1st prize on Moscow Blue Sky competition and played tour in Spain), Sigi Feigl (quartet, crossover ensemble and big band), Davor Krizic Experiment (Joe Kaplowitz, Janko Novoselić, Davor Križić, Kristijan Beluhan), Sound Polution (Karel Eriksson, Gerhard Ornig, Anil Bilgen, Luis Oliveira), Beatox, Petrio (Peter Gyarfas), Kusan’s Trio (Valdemar Kušan, Andro Manzoni), KUG Jazz Orchestra, Gunther Bruck, Ed Neumeisters trombone ensemble (Manheim Trombone Fest) and many others.

He continues to play all different styles and sounds of music from traditional, modern, mainstream and contemporary jazz, classical orchestral and chamber music to soul, funk, groove, avangard and free music.