Mátyás Bartha

Matyas Bartha_CoquetteJBThe young pianist Mátyás Bartha has performed with internationally recognized players not just from Europe but also from the United States including Sheila Jordan, Kevin Mahogany, Jim Rotondi, Joe Farnsworth, Hassan Shakur, Don Menza and Piero Odorici. Bartha began playing the piano at age eight in his hometown, Szentendre. He continued his studies at the Graz University with Olaf Polziehn. There he had the chance to study with musicians like Stjepko Gut, Michael Abene, Dena DeRose and Renato Chicco.

After finishing his studies, he stayed in New York City for a couple of months where he met important jazz musicians like Rossano Sportiello, Michael Kanan, Ray Gallon and Steve Ash, who later became his mentors, and had the chance to play with musicians like David Wong or Pat O’Leary. As a young talent, he was twice selected to the Genarations in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, where he had the chance to study and play with David Hazeltine, Louis Hayes, Peter Washington, Mark Turner, Alex Sipiagin.

Nowadays he is an important member of the Vienna jazz scene, where he performs with Martin Breinschmidt, Mario Gonzi, Joris Dudli, Thomas Kugi and Bernhard Wiesinger. In 2015 he recorded an album with the Croatian jazz singer Daniel Cacija, which he went on tour with and was able to performe at venues like the Smalls Jazz Club NYC, Jamboree Barcelona, Bratislava Jazz Days, Frankfurt Jazzkeller amongst many other. Bartha made his trio in 2012 with Oleg Markov and Matyas Hofecker, with that he performs regularly at the Budapest Jazz Club, Royal Garden Jazz Club Graz or at the Kammerlichtspielhaus Klagenfurt. He became an assistant at age 24 at the University Graz, teaching improvisation class.

His latest project is The Coquette Jazz Band, that he created with his good friend Mátyás Papp together. The band plays danceable swing music and performed in many venues and festivals including the Jazzland Vienna at Jazz Capital Festival. They are planning to release their first album at the end of May, and present it in France, Hungary and Austria.

Matyas enjoys playing traditional, bebop, modal as well as contemporary jazz music around the world but one of his obsessions is to find a way to connect traditional jazz, stride piano with the modern music.