Elina Viluma

Elina Viluma_CoquetteJBElina Viluma is a rising talent in the vocal jazz world. Based in Graz, Austria, she is studying jazz composition and dedicating herself to her Large Ensemble, Vocal-Piano-Duo and various other international projects.

She started her education in Riga Dom Choir School in Latvia, and after recently finishing her bachelor studies in jazz singing with Prof. Dena DeRose she continues her Master’s program in jazz composition and arrangement with Prof. Ed Partyka at the Universtity of Music and Performing Arts In Graz, Austria.

In 2014 Elina was performing with the HR Bigband ( Frankfurt Radio bigband) featuring funk legend Joe Bowie. For the last 3 years she has been the soloist of BuJazzO (Germany´s National Jazz Orchestra), touring all over the world with various programs led by Niels Klein, Jiggs Whigham and John Hollenbeck, as well as sharing the stage with Kurt Elling in BuJazzo´s 25th anniversary concert.

With her own projects she is regularly performing in jazz clubs and festivals all over Europe. The recently formed Elina Viluma Large Ensemble is her working platform for developing her compositional skills, and searching for new colors and sounds.